On Purpose Consulting: Transforming Business Cultures From Within

written by Chris Tiessen; photo by oliverstreet.photo

(This article first appeared as a Member Spotlight in the Spring 2015 issue of the Guelph Chamber’s Moving Business Forward magazine.)

Think, for a moment, how many hours you spend at the office each week. If you’re working a full-time job, more likely than not you’re spending more time with colleagues than with your own family and friends. (As former Publisher of SNAPd Guelp (Chamber Member since 2005), I can still recall joking with (at-the-time) MP Frank Valeriote — someone who I saw regularly on the job — that we spent more time together than with our kids.)

It’s awfully important, then, that you get along great with your boss and co-workers (or, in my case, Frank Valeriote) if you’re hoping to find happiness and meaning in your work.

Sylvia Plester-Silk is making it her life-long mission to ensure this is the case. Sylvia’s business, On Purpose Consulting (Chamber Member since 2010), works with small and medium-sized businesses to help develop healthy workplaces in which each member of the team is respected, engaged, and (as a result) able to do their best work.

‘I started On Purpose Consulting,’ remarks Sylvia, ‘because I know first-hand how awful toxic work environments can get. In fact, I founded the business out of my own first-hand experiences with a toxic workplace that left me on extended sick leave caused by at-work stress.’ Sylvia continues: ‘Everyone deserves an inspired work environment. With this in mind, On Purpose Consulting helps facilitate the transformation of any business culture so that it’s sustainably healthy, uplifting and inspired.’
On Purpose Consulting’s Sylvia Plester-Silk feeling comfortable in a corporate environment

Bob Connors, General Manager of Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (Chamber Member 2014), attests to the effectiveness of Sylvia’s methods. He notes: ‘Sylvia recently completed her organizational diagnosis [at the flight centre]. I was impressed with the insights she offered about the internal dynamics of our organization.’ He continues: ‘Not only was her information detailed and specific, but she was able to offer suggestions for improvements that fit our organization’s specific needs.’

No doubt Sylvia’s past experience as a social and mental health worker and addictions counselor contributes to her successes as a corporate consultant and executive coach. Indeed, as a counselor Sylvia’s days were filled helping individuals and groups cope better with life stressors — many of which were rooted in the workplace.

As Sylvia recalls: ‘I’d estimate that when I was a mental health worker and addictions counselor, almost 50% of my clients that were employed were looking for assistance dealing with workplace issues — including toxic co-workers and bosses, conflict, and poor team dynamics.
‘Healthy team dynamics, then,’ continues Sylvia, ‘contribute directly to engaged and inspired employees who undertake and produce meaningful work.’

Are you looking to transform your business culture from within? Visit onpurposeconsulting.ca and get started!

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