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I get what you’re saying in that some viewpoints are out and out crazy. But there are many times a broad spectrum of still enlightened opinions and they are all steam rolled in the name of the CORRECT opinion. And merely bringing up the question and trying to have a conversation isn’t even aloud and by questioning you are deemed wrong doesn’t equate to any real understanding.

Further, this whole article seeks to out and out disqualify the term “ideological diversity” by equating it with the craziest of crazy and the worst of the worst, racism, sexism and so on, so now that term can’t be used. Its again black listed. So how do you discuss a diversity of opinions.

Everything gets labeled and shunted into a box called wrong now and then the discussion is over. Now if you try to even use that term even in a way different then those labeled “unacceptable” you are also unacceptable. Its like we’re in some kind of weird semiological form of arbitrage.

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