Innovation in 5: What’s up with innovation in 5 minutes — 12th July

A quote to ponder:

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. 
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

1 — How far are we from this dystopian future? (Wall-E!)

Remember how Pixar pictured the future in 2008. At the time the iPhone was just coming out and Facebook was starting to grow.

9 years later, are we getting closer to their view on the future?

What’s yours?

2 — Amazon wine?

Here it is…

Not sure they’ll conquer the French market with that.

3 — Galaxy is on fire

Despite scandal and the embarassment of recalling their Galaxy 7 handsets Samsung have published record quarterly profits, driven by growing global demand for memory chips.

The semiconductor industry is predicted to grow 12% this year as hand held electronic devices become globally ubiquitous. Samsung are just one of the companies capitalising on this trend.

4 — How consumer tech is going to impact the next ten years

Is there any single device that will have as much impact that the iPhone had over the last ten years?

Go have a think. Here are some ideas.

Two ideas:

1) Tesla solar roof has the potential to drive a more decentralised smart grid. It’s not the only solar panel on the market. But like the iPhone, it’s making solar much more accessible with a better UX.

Main blockers: return on investment / energy storage

2) The iPad Pro might change how we work. We’ve seen more and more people working with an iPad Pro — instead of a laptop. Apple really wants to change the way white collars work. The iPad Pro and iOS 11 could transform how we interact at work.

Main blockers: existing behaviour / lack of productivity app designed for iPad Pro

5 — France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

In a decisive move to reaffirm France’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, the French Environment Minister has announced plans to ban any polluting vehicles by 2040.

Fossil fuel vehicles account for 95% of the European market, so meeting this target will require dedicated investment and a huge amount of collaboration with car manufacturers.

Bonus: What having six fingers look like

Opposable thumbs enabled us to build and use tools. What happens if we challenge evolution and add a second thumb to your hand using a prosthetic? Link.

Miranda & Guerric.