Business Failing? You Might Be Asking The Wrong Questions
Nathan Kontny

“Stupid question, stupid answer”

This is what one of my teachers used to constantly repeat. It’s another example of a mistaken way to teach a child, as it doesn’t encourage anyone to ask questions.

But in one way my teacher was right. The quality of your questions influence the quality of the answers you get.

People who succeed the most are the ones who ask good questions.

“Questions are the answer.”

What determines your focus are the questions you ask. If you ask the right questions, you’ll focus on the right things.

When you’re stuck, it means that you are asking the wrong questions.

The solution, then, is to ask new questions. Asking new questions will lead you to get new answers.

This works when you’re asking questions either to yourself or to others. But no one should forget that learning how to ask good questions often requires to ask stupid questions too.