Myth debunking: WebViews suck, everything should be native
Dan Kim

Thanks for posting this. gerardmclean no, it is NOT cheating. I’ve been saying this to my customers all this time — do you prefer business value and go to market faster or do you prefer to say everything is native? The reason we create something, ANYTHING is to provide value.. So , let’s provide business value rather than being purists.

It reminds me of the days when I was in a cover band. We were obsessed with getting every note down perfectly.. Every Single Note!! Did the crowd notice that we did? NO!! They loved that we recreated the song and played it for them so they could enjoy it — they didn’t tear hairs over every single note.. Yet, we obsessed cos we were musicians.

Anyways, glad to see that someone from a company that I love love love and whose founders and ideals I absolutely adore (we follow the same ideals at my firm) said this publicly.