If the only problem with Facebook was the lack of reasonable people and the irresponsible spread of…
KP Frahm

I agree. Not only because after 8 years I deleted myself from Facebook, but also because I can test very much the benefits now.

Let’s have a a look...

First of all Facebook is a big waste of time. I mean in the sense that it consumes time that you could otherwise spend being productive. So many people now are starting to deactivate when they approach a period in their life that requires much concentration. Say for example when you are preparing for an exam at uni, that’s a good example.

Under many circumstances, Facebook provides you with a distorted reality. You realize this when you compare what people are like in the real world and how they appear on FB. Many times the “happy you” is on FB, but not in the real world - or vice-versa. I know a lot of people who craft their FB profile carefully because they are perfectly aware of this and the importance of appearance in our society.

Facebook is addictive. I mean physically. I am not sure I have experienced this myself, but you can see it in people that use it a lot. It gives one the ability to remain on his own, but to be in touch with the rest of the world at the same time. Being shy is not a problem on FB. Also many times FB makes you laugh, which is addictive as well because you come back for more. I think it’s about social validation, which we need as humans.

Facebook slowly degrades you social skills (in the real world). It promotes a society where your role and your look are the only things that matter, as opposed to what you actually have to say or how pleasant you are to be with.

So overall then, I don’t see much good to remain in Facebook. When Quincy Larson says that he is “going to stick it out, and continue to fight misinformation with wit and reason”, I say “don’t fight a battle you can’t win, accept what you can’t control”. There are many many ways to think about how to face this problem “attacking from the sides”. For example, this article was great, and If I was still spending my time on FB I’m sure I wouldn’t have bumped into it.

One thing it’s become more difficult after leaving FB, I have to admit, is not having the events calendar. Before it was all in php-made forums, there was one for each genre of music and city. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed if we want to start to dream about a post-facebook world.