A Nightmare of Propaganda and Ignorance by © Guido Colacci 2017

Before I say anything, please know that it matters NOT AT ALL TO ME who won the election, I voted for neither one… Having said that, “the left” and the media is absolutely embarrassing me as much as the right did, that ran Trump and real people, actually voting for him.

The CIA, FBI and NSA have “high confidence” conclusions and proof that Putin ordered the hack to undermine the legitimacy of the election and assist the Republican’s campaign. But that’s the best you’ll get because they WILL NOT release technical evidence that informed these conclusions. In its “Scope and Sourcing” section, the report explains that this evidence exists, but can’t be declassified.

You’re aware of their “high confidence” conclusions. For example, Iraq’s WMDs, that the UN found absolutely no proof of before the war. That Iraq was trying to buy yellow cake uranium from Africa, despite the fact that Joe Wilson investigated and wrote a story for the NY Times saying that he found no evidence of this and in retaliation, the Bush administration “OUTED” his wife, Valerie Plame from the CIA.

And let just say, I could write a BOOK on the covert operations of the CIA and FBI, and their interfering in governments around the world, but that is NOT what this is about… this time its about WHY should we take their word on ANYTHING WITHOUT ANY PROOF… if I was gonna do that, I would start believing in religion…

Truth is, in its first half-century the CIA got lots of things wrong. In 1948it failed to predict a coup in Columbia that resulted in a civil war that has still not ended. In 1950 it failed to foresee intervention by the Chinese in the Korean War. 1968 the agency was surprised by the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, a failure repeated in 1979 when the agency failed to predict the They continued to cry “the sky is falling “ about the EVIOL of the Soviet Union’s power and intentions almost until the very moment the Berlin Wall came down, an event soon followed the actual collapse and breakup of the Soviet Union itself.

But this time, we should take their word that they have “high confidence” conclusions that Russia hacked the elections BUT they can’t show you the proof because its classified…you know what, the media is buying it and pushing it and people are BELIEVING IT… and I’m in a corner smashing my head against a wall repeatedly because I JUST DON’T GET IT >>> what the F*** IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE and THEIR THINKING PROCESS ??? HOW CAN THEY KEEP BELIEVING LIE AFTER LIE AND THE MEDIA REPORTING LIE AFTER LIE AND ECHOED SLOWLY BUT SURELY from agency CIA, to agency FBI, to agency NSA, to The State Department, to the president… SOMEONE, ANYONE PLEASE WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE … PLEASE HELP, I’m drowning in a sea of propaganda and ignorance…its honestly more painful that I think I can bear… there is a part II to this of course which I call “The Attempted Absolution and Redemption of “american voters” and The Eventual Escape of Indictment of the Trump Voter Electorate and Inculpation of Russia and Vladimir Putin For The Hacking and Stealing of our 2016 Presidential Election … And of Course, We Won’t Mention The Mainstream Media, Wikileaks, the DNC, HSA, the FBI and the CIA.But we’ll save that for another time.

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