3 Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Ideas

Its that day of the year to say thank you to our mum’s for nurturing, listening, loving and generally being all round awesome! And why not celebrate Mother Nature at the same time? Here are a few simple Mother’s Day Gift ideas that don’t cost The Earth (in more ways that one….)

  1. Spring Bulbs & Seeds — grow with love!

A gift that will last the summer and beyond! Bulbs that work well planted in Spring to flower in Summer include dahlias & begonias. Or you could give an extra boost to the environment, go for bee & insect friendly wildflower seeds sown direct in to the soil.

Artwork by Hannah Rosengren

For more info on what to choose & gardening advice, go down to your local garden centre or see links below:




2. Packaging Free Pamper Present

The beauty market is awash with unnecessary packaging, much of it non-recyclable. Why not give a lovely packaging free alternative? Lush have a fantastic selection of naked packaging products & handmade gifts. I love their soap bars, solid shampoo bars & for an extra treat the bath bombs. Your mum deserves a treat after all!

3. A Lovely Bottle of Bubbly!

If in doubt — buy wine!! Always a failsafe Mother’s Day gift. There are so many options out there of organic wines and we have a great one on our door step in Surrey, the fantastic Albury Vineyard. They are committed to producing organic fruit without the use of chemicals such as herbicides and fungicides. They also use compost teas, which improve the biology of the soil and biodynamic preparations producing a fantastic tasting wine!


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