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Grace started her company ‘Totally Organic’ in Guildford, Surrey in 2015. It’s a fantastic online retailer offering genuine organic skincare for all! With so much ‘greenwashing’ out there, it can be very difficult to know what products are truly ok for our skin. The Totally Organic website showcases many products from skin care, body care, tanning and vegan products! She has taken 3 minutes out to tell us about her company….

GG: Hi Grace, thank your talking to us. Please tell us more about Totally Organic and why you started it?

Grace: My interest in skincare is one I have had all my life. I had really bad skin throughout my teenage years so perhaps that had something to do with it. I trained in Beauty Therapy at Steiner after I left school but working in a salon environment wasn’t really for me at that age. In my 20’s I was introduced to organic food delivery boxes and the organic obsession began! This spilled over into discovering organic beauty products. My own research led me to the conclusion that the industry needed cleaning up: somewhere where you can be sure you’re getting your hands on the real deal basically.

GG: Why is organic so important to you?

Grace: I think we live in a world nowadays where we are exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis and we just don’t really know what the cumulative effects of these chemicals might be on our health.

We are now aware that so much of what goes on our skin is absorbed into our bodies and possibly causing or at least contributing to poor health. Women typically are exposed to 168 chemicals every day from their skincare and make-up alone. When you add to that, exposure to chemical heavy cleaning products, pesticide residue in our food, air pollution etc it paints an even more worrying picture.

I think organic beauty is now at the stage where it is as effective (if not more so) than regular skincare so if there is a more natural, healthier way to look after our skin and delay ageing then I think we would be crazy not to embrace it.

GG: Wow! 168 chemicals a day! I also wasn’t aware the cosmetics industry was unregulated when it comes to stating what ‘organic’ & ‘natural’ — do you believe there is a lot of ‘greenwashing’ out there by companies misleading consumers? What can we do to avoid it?

Grace: Oh yes, there certainly is and it makes us green beauty aficionados mad!

As it stands at the moment, a company can put the word ‘organic’ on their product when there is only 1% organic ingredients in there! Shocking right?! Words like ‘natural’ or ‘botanical’ are also brandished around but again these words alone are no guarantee of a clean product.

So many people are being misled and believing they are making healthy skincare choices when often this is far from the truth. The problem we then have is that people believe they have already tried organic when they haven’t. They may then perhaps write organic beauty off as no good, all because they’ve been deceived by clever marketing strategies and branding. And we’re talking about huge, huge companies that most people believe they can trust…

If you want to protect yourself against being misled by beauty companies there are 2 things you can do. The first is to look for the full ingredients list. If it’s not easy to find on their website then that’s a big clue that they’re hiding something!

The first ingredients are the ones in the highest concentrations and the last the smallest concentrations. If they don’t make sense to you (plant names have to be in Latin) then you should look out for reputable organic certification symbols like those from COSMOS, Soil Association, USDA or Ecocert. When you see these logos (watch out for fake logos!) you know you are choosing a genuine organic beauty product.

Logos to look out for when trying to find organic or vegan products

GG: What are your top tips for a more natural beauty routine?

I think the most important thing to get right in any beauty routine is to find a moisturiser that actually suits your skin. If the oil/water balance isn’t right for you then it just won’t hydrate your skin properly, no matter how much of it you apply. So invest in a really good, clean moisturiser. Coconut oil makes a fantastic cleanser and even removes eye make-up super effectively and gently! Those 2 items would be a great place to start I’d say.

Coconut oil — so many uses! Pukka Organic available on website

GG: I’m a big fan of cocnut oil — eat it, drink it and now use it on your skin! Thanks for tip. Any favourite products/special offers coming up we need to look out for?

Grace: I’m so impressed with the SKN-RG range. It is cruelty free, vegan and certified organic but also packs a punch when it comes to serious results — thanks to some very scientific based formulations. Their products are constantly winning awards for their effectiveness in fact. Keep your eyes peeled for a deluxe gift with every SKN-RG purchase throughout Organic Beauty Week on the 15th-21st May!

Part of the SKN-RG range available on website

GG: And finally, we at Guildford Greenie love the Surrey outdoors — what’s your favourite location or activity?

Well I love the beach so the closest I can get to that’s in Surrey is Frensham Ponds. With the weather getting warmer now I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m off to spend the day there again.

Frensham Ponds

GG: I’ve not been! Will need to visit. Thank you for your time and I look forward to trying more of your great products. Link to Totally Organic online shop and social media sites below:

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