John DeVore

Great insight into a man’s view of life. And you are right, being a man is not easy. Men are not meant to cry; men have to earn more; men don’t give birth therefore they have NO idea what pain is; men must be strong & never show their hand and be weak; men are our protectors, hunter gatherers and they have the burden to make sure that everyone is safe. So yes with this power comes a great burden yet it is always the Alpha male, the man at the top of the tree, who earns the most money, who is educated and should know better that just lets the side down.

I had a conversation about 2 years ago with a well-known and eminent Professor Penny Jane Burke and she basically said that being a man is as equally challenging as being a woman.

Read her article “Reducing gender equity to a battle of the sexes is simplistic, crude and dangerous” first published in the Guardian in March 2015.

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