How the Death of a Person Unknown to Us, Affects Us

Today I attended an event at the Houses of Parliament . I have been there many times either for a function or on a tour and it never amazes me just what a privilege it is to be able to have access to such an incredible building, full of history.

I was invited by an organisation called the Gas Safe Register who do some phenomenal work in promoting safety in relation to gas (of course). The event was for the launch of Gas Safe Week which starts on Monday

The event showcased work done by so many different stakeholders & partners – from video presentations to posters designed by children . Sadly, it was one man presenting his story that caused silent contemplation throughout the room. The man in question spoke of his daughter Katie Haines who two weeks after returning from her honeymoon died of carbon monoxide poisoning. He was clearly emotional when talking about this tragedy, yet has done so much to raise awareness so this does not happen to others.

Please watch and share this video.

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