Is Education to Blame for Our Unhappiness
Christopher Spadafora

Sometimes, yes. I studied hard from the age of 6 to , well now; I love learning, except for 2 things – maths. My maths teacher humiliated me every day for 2 years. I failed my maths exam aged 16 and had to re-sit aged 22 so I could become a teacher. My brother, then a newly qualified maths teacher , taught me. And I remember asking him why I understood what he was telling me now and not in my teen years. His reply- our teacher was useless . The second thing was sports – being embarrassed by everyone except one teacher who taught me to swim. The way I was spoken to was dreadful – aged 12, 5ft 8 – heavier than my peers. But I overcome that insecurity and unhappiness.

There are so many reasons why school days conjure up such unhappy memories – in the main I loved it so much I became a teacher but one with a difference, no humiliation or insults in my classroom, hard work, boundaries and fun.

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