The Worst Part of the Trump Tapes
Alaura Weaver

Thankmyou for sharing and I am sure that there are millions of similar situations across the world. I am sure girls and women who just kept quiet are realising that what happened to them just was not right.

I read an article today about Sarah Jessica Parker she said and I quote (talking about her son) “I tell him, don’t get into that with them; you be the guy who refrains” she says “I know that it’s hard to be the old-fashioned one, but you be that guy”. Thank God for smart women who encuarge their sons that “locker room banter” towards the opposite sex is just not acceptable.

How many times have I interviewed a guy and belittled his looks with my colleagues, hit on him, talked about his manh0ood, employed him because he is a nice bit of “eye-candy’? Never.

My sister and I have bought my nephew up in the same way. Treat girls and women with decency and respect. He has a grand-mother, an aunt, a mother and a sister — no way is he going to behave “a la Trump”. Does that make him less of a man? No — he has the choice and he chooses the right way.