How we are encouraging personal growth at Buffer

We are all WIP – a work in progress. Some of us are satisfied to be just “There” and move no further; others want to fly to and explore all the other planets in the Solar System, and sometimes that’s quite exhausting. But, and this is a big but, having someone, your company, line-manager, professor, teacher, friend, idol – encouraging you to invest in YOU is really rewarding. There’s a huge amount to learn – some of it serious & significant, some of it less so.

This afternoon I spent an hour in Regents Park in London watching adults learn how to fly through the air on a trapeze. Looks easy – it wasn’t and I was sitting on the grass! There was a range of emotions on show – fear, happiness, frustration, disappointment- yet these adults were all accomplishing something, overcoming something, achieving something and that’s what investing in YOU is all about.

How about lessons on the Trapeze for your team Buffer?

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