I’m hiring an Analyst for our Venture Capital team at Idinvest

Let’s start with a few words about Idinvest Partners’ Venture Capital team

Our venture team is one of the most active in Europe those days.

In the last 18 months (since the beginning of 2015), we have backed close to 30 new companies. In 2015 alone, we invested over €120m in European startups, mostly at the Series A and Series B stages.

We have kept leveraging our past successes in France (Criteo, Dailymotion, Meetic, Webedia, etc.) to remain the key player in our home market with investments in startups such as Happn, Frichti, Zenly, Botify, etc.

But during the first semester of 2016, we also significantly accelerated our European expansion, investing in companies such as Secret Escapes and Onfido (UK), Peakon and Planday (Denmark), Nosto (Finland), Kantox (Spain), FinanceFox (Germany), NGData (Belgium), etc.

Those past few weeks have also been very exciting for our team in terms of exits. After selling Withings to Nokia for some ~$200m, Talend went public on the NASDAQ at the end of July and Curse was sold to Amazon early August.

Matthieu Baret and Benoist Grossmann at the Talend IPO

We are filled with excitement, ambition and new ideas and we are looking for an Analyst to join our team in Paris to assist us in sourcing and helping the best startups in Europe in the digital space.

Who are we looking for?

As much as we are chasing exceptional people (as investors), we want someone “special” to join our team as an Analyst. It’s hard to define and we will keep an open mind during the recruitment process.

But there are some things on which we won’t compromise.

First, because we are a small team (there are only 7 of us: Benoist, Matthieu, Luc, Guillaume, Pierre-Edouard, Chloé and Jonathan), we would like to hire someone who could add something to the team from day 1. Someone very strong in at least one useful “dimension” for us. It could be anything: fluency in German, understanding of the VR sector, etc.

Part of our venture team in the Mercantour

And also because we are a small team and we offer one of the nicest jobs on earth, we want someone COOL to join us (because we can).

And by cool, I mean someone friendly and fun, with outstanding interpersonal skills, open-minded but also empathetic to entrepreneurs, loyal and transparent to our team. A team player, not a lone wolf. Someone who can join us at Benoist’ s house for our annual offsite and live with the team for 3 days. Someone I can have dinner with when I bring him/her to Stockholm with me. Someone who will always be respectful of all startup founders and will help us build the Idinvest brand whenever he interacts with the outside world. Someone who will think every morning about what he/she can bring to our firm, to our LPs and to our portfolio companies before thinking about himself/herself.

We want a roadie. Not a rock star.

Now, more pragmatically, the candidate should also:

  • Be genuinely interested in technology and startups,
  • Be smart, curious, hard-working, reliable and autonomous,
  • Have analytical skills (you need to be able to do stuff like read financial statements, review business plans, prepare cohort analysis and sensitivity analysis, draft smart questions for founders about products and markets, etc.),
  • Be probably between 22 and 26, with 1 or 2 years of work experience or 2/3 very relevant, long-term internships under his/her belt,
  • Have spent time at a Tier-1 startup (in sales, marketing, tech, etc.), a Tech giant (Facebook, Google, etc.) or another venture firm is a big plus. Top tier Consulting or Investment Banking might do it as well.
  • Have a strong academic background (Tech training might be a plus but we want to keep an open mind).
  • Be fluent in English and in another European language (French would be a plus for everyday life outside of work but is not mandatory and we are willing to hire a candidate from any nationality).

The job

The Analyst will work with the rest of the team on the following:

  • Source / identify investment opportunities (and manage incoming deal flow) and thus have a lot of calls and meetings with entrepreneurs,
  • Participate in due diligence process and deal structuring,
  • Conduct industry research and build investment thesis,
  • Support portfolio companies’ needs,
  • Hire, train and manage trainees
The Analyst will participate in all team meetings and will be invited to several board meetings (during which he/she will need to shut up and take notes).

The job is based in Paris but will involve a lot of travelling around Europe (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Lisbon and Amsterdam mainly).

How to apply?

If you are interested in the job, email me at the following address: gd@idinvest.com.

The process will consist in meeting all members of the team (some of them for longer than others), and performing 3 case studies (from home, very different from Consulting case studies).

We expect to close that recruitment process ASAP and to have our Analyst joining us early October.

If you wonder why it’s cool to be a VC, just read this timeless post from Fred Destin who perfectly articulates how I feel about my job: http://freddestin.com/2009/10/the-problem-with-vc-motivation.html

Finally, note that we are also looking for interns. Always.

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