Why I’m investing in Danish startups

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Beautiful view of rainy Copenhagen
Dan Rogers, Phil Chambers and Kasper Hulthin giving birth to Peakon
The Planday team in front of Founders House
Beautiful Rainmaking Loft in Copenhagen

So it’s easy for me to understand what is going on in Copenhagen remotely, from Paris, even if I only spend 2–3 days there every 3 to 4 weeks.

Denmark has actually one of the world’s highest rates of startup companies created per capita.

As Denmark is a small country and has a small domestic market, it’s completely normal for Danish entrepreneurs to think internationally almost from day one.

The Danish founders of Zendesk about to IPO in NYC

And Danish entrepreneurs usually have that level of self-confidence (without being arrogant) that I like.

Studio, one of the top new restaurants in Copenhagen



Early stage VC @idinvest. Ex @mangrovevc. Want to connect with top European Internet / Software entrepreneurs. French/Portuguese. @INSEAD MBA. Football player.

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