Creating a new identity for Biologigaragen

The new logo

During my stay at Copenhagen, I got involved in Biologaragen, a citizen science project promoting DIY science and experiments. Among other things, we organised a bio-plastic workshop, and a “wear your own DNA” workshop. Plus we were present at different events such as maker Faire Copenhagen, Klick, and Bloom

Natural colors and Microscope at Bloom

The experience was great, but we realised that people did not really understand who we were, and we were struggling to get traction, as people did not realise that we were an independent entity and associated us with the different events we took part in. We realised that there was an opportunity in changing our identity and communication channels, to make us look more professional and active.

Nordic Tofu Workshop at Bloom

Before leaving for Brussels, I proposed a new identity to the association, this has just been implemented and I am really happy about it.

I think one of the challenges of working for associations and volunteer-run associations is dealing with the sense of ownership that people develop. I tried to take it into account in my presentation.

Here is the deck I used.

Some selected slides:

Some ideas that led to the creation of the logo.
The new logo
Example for event promotion

I really enjoy taking part in BG activities in the past year. It’s full of bright people with good ideas and is run by super friendly people such as Keenan. If you want to know more about DIY bio in Copenhagen follow their facebook or website.