My summer 2017

Hi guys, this is my 2º day in Medium and today I want to talk about this topic. And, what s the reason? Because I want to improve my English level and I want to find someone that can correct my stories.

Anyway, my summer… This summer is being pretty weird for me because I m not living in my summer house and I m not going to parties. Also, I realise living in a 3 th floor of my flat is anoying. I m serious, nobody can stand this warm, furthermore I want to continue studing, but is very difficult because I m not 100% focused.

Don t give me wrong, I love summer, but with holidays. Since summer started I must sleep to the sofa of my evening because if I don t do it, I can convert in ash.

In the past, summer was synonym of enjoy. I m nostalgic of that great moments I pass in the beach, in summer courses and swiming in the pool. Responsabilities changed my lifestyle and now I discovered study and search a job in summer is a kind of hell.

All I do is more difficult than normal, but luckely there are positive things. For example, I travelled more and I meet a lot of people at the weekend to attend to tournaments of my favourite game, Super Smash Bros Wii U. Yeah, I like the world of EAsports becuse I love compete. Is my hobby since I was 14 and I expect become a winner of an important tournament one day.

Finally, I m happy because I go to lunch with my grandmother all days. She is 87 and right now, I underestand she might feel alone just because my grandfather leave this world 10 years ago and actually their friends are in bad conditions. Yesterday, I stayed with her even more time and I realised she is quite more sane than I thought. She sometames don t have the best frame of mine and I like she what I can do just keeping in her table trying to talk.

Definetly, I underrated my grandmother, so I want to tell all young adults and teens one important thing. If you have grandparents, keep time with them and you will be impressed.

By guys, I expect write more letter these days.