A Six Months Social Media Binge Fest!(otherwise known as Social Media Management training with Digital Mums)

I’ve just uploaded my final report following six months of 24/7 social media. A constant cycle of “shall I write a blog about…?”, “stop, let me get a picture”, “that’s a great article, let me just save that to my ‘pocket” “I’m coming, just let me quickly post this”, “I’m sorry I’m late I just had to post about…”. …

#MumsGetConfident Facebook Competition Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

1. How to Enter

1.1 To enter the competition you will need to like @GuiltyMumsHub on Facebook and comment #MumsGetConfident in the comments section.

2. When to Enter and Who can Enter

2.1. The Competition opens on Tuesday 8th September 2017 and closes Tuesday 19th September

2.2. Entrants can enter at any point between these dates

2.3. Entrants can only be entered into the competition once, but can like or share as many times as they like.

2.4. The Competition is only open to mums who are UK residents aged 18…

Navigating the Road to Part-Time Work (with a few bumps along the way).

When I returned to work back in September 2015 I planned it meticulously and carefully eased myself and my family back to some kind of routine after a year with none. I used every single day of accrued annual leave and worked 3 days a week, then 4 and eventually 5. I look back now and realise that despite a few tears, it really wasn’t too bad. A one year old is actually fairly compliant and the transition from home to a childminder was seamless. …

We’re very fortunate to have a guest blog this month, written by Career Coach Fiona Clark from Inspired Mums. Fiona specialises in Career, Confidence, Stress Management, Team workshops, ECR Emotional Intelligence leadership skills development, DISC personality profiling (for full details see bottom of the page).

I met Fiona a couple of years ago at a career workshop for new mums, it’s a real pleasure to have Fiona join us and provide some valuable tips for starting the new school year.

Top tips to survive (and enjoy) your first few weeks at the school gates.

Your child’s first day at school…

My Journey from Confident Business Woman to Guilty Mum:

Career Women (it’s a long time since I saw myself as this)

Our Engagement

Four years ago I took a big jump in my career, a dream job, one I’d never anticipated achieving following poor exam results at school. But there I was, pay rise, car allowance and a really respectable job. I worked alongside doctors and pharmacists, managed budgets, designed clinical trials and presented scientific data at international meetings. …

Guilty Mums Hub

Supporter and champion of working mums. Information, motivation and inspiration to find a better work-life balance and ease the #MothersGuilt

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