A Six Months Social Media Binge Fest!(otherwise known as Social Media Management training with Digital Mums)

I’ve just uploaded my final report following six months of 24/7 social media. A constant cycle of “shall I write a blog about…?”, “stop, let me get a picture”, “that’s a great article, let me just save that to my ‘pocket” “I’m coming, just let me quickly post this”, “I’m sorry I’m late I just had to post about…”. It sounds tough but I’ve loved it and thrived on it but I’ve become a social media junkie and urgently need to go cold turkey to redress the balance with my life as a mummy, wife and pharmaceutical scientist.

That’s my side of the story but what’s it been like for those around me? For my son, it’s been “Mummy, watch me…mummy, watch me, mummy put your phone down and watch me”. “Mummy why are you on your phone?”, it tugs at my heartstrings just writing it but I knew I was doing this for him, a chance to find a career that provides true flexible working, the chance to find a role that lets me do the school drop off and be at home in the school holidays.

If I think about who’s suffered the most it has to be my long suffering husband, I’ve spent more time with my phone than I have with him. I’ve shared more with my phone than I have with him, in fact he’s found out more about my day from my posts than from me in person. Then there are the late nights studying and the long, alcohol fuelled, giggly hangouts with my fellow students (we share an office, I shout my comments apparently!.. who knew?). The tweet chats while I’m cooking, the Sunday night scheduling and Monday night analytics. It’s all taken it’s toll and he’s considered setting up a Digital Widowers support group. “My name is Darran and my wife is having an affair with her phone!”. He’s not far wrong, I’ve hidden in the bathroom with it, I’ve posted while hiding it behind a cushion, I’ve disappeared to the spare room with it, I’ve forgotten appointments as my brain is so preoccupied with my campaign, I’ve chatted late at night with complete strangers, it may as well have been an affair, albeit with Mr T.Witter and Mr. F.C Book.

I don’t wish to scare off any budding Digital Mums students but this is a commitment while holding down a job and running a home. So, what are the positives? I’ve carved out time in my life for self development (I don’t think I’ve ever done that before), I’ve loved learning again, I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people both on line and in real life, I’ve gained a new qualification, hopefully! I’ve invested in a new career and hopefully a better lifestyle for my whole family.

Since pressing send on my final report I’ve done the park run, I’ve walked the dogs, I treated myself to a manicure and a facial ( I needed it, I looked so feral), I’ve prepared a home cooked meal and we finally have an empty laundry basket. I know I am going to sleep so much better tonight having logged off before 10 for the first time in weeks.

I have so many people to thank and possibly apologise to but all in all it’s been a wonderful adventure. My husband and I are looking to set up a charity called Digital Widowers, to support the long suffering husbands.

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