Special Days

Today is a special day for me.. it is my Anniversary. I celebrate this date every year as it passes I think about how the past use to be. The day was special to two people once upon a time. I have other dates that are special also. This date is more of a Celebration of love, the first person in my life to show me how to love. He showed me so many good things in this life that I have never seen before. He showed me a strong love a love that hold you up when your feeling down.. a love that you knew he always had my back.. A love that I though could never die. I though I met the man that would take me to the end of my life. For 16 years we had a great marriage..He had issues from Vietnam and family issues.. I seen past that. I love him his heart his soul.. I Loved all of him.. his flaws his good parts.. unconditionally love. Then the day came April 27, 2007 he took his own life. He was no longer happy. He didn’t know he was taking my life with him. I am coming back

I am still alive.. I am still stong. I still have kids to raise.. so I celebrate this day because I am still alive. It would have been our 22nd anniversary.

so now it’s My Anniversary.. I have made it 7 years strong and going stronger. Faith and Hope and my daughter got me here, and love.

Celebrate every day, make everyday special

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