On Knowledge Production: Voyeuristic Pleasure or Rigorous Research?

Throughout the project the question, “is this enough?” kept nagging me. Especially because the answer was always no. Reading about a dozen articles, two books, interviewing 15 people while making sure that 5 each belonged to different class background, ages, and genders, is not enough for me. This is not rigorous research at all because the data was not processed and given shape in a presentable form. Moreover, undertaking a project of “when is it okay to eat bourgeois food?”, coming up with an answer of never, and all the while eating bourgie food is zero on the praxis scale.

A research project of this nature-proposing an ethical system-that does not have praxis is, for me, useless. That’s why unless I bring about change in my lifestyle (and hopefully others-communicating social change after all) this project will be nothing more than an exercise in voyeuristic pleasure for me[1].

[1] I shall be nothing more than an armchair SSLA undergraduate.