On the Course: Resistance, Responsibility, and Repose

What impact did my telling my story of bourgie food had on the world and on what scale? As mentioned above, the praxis for this project is zero. I still eat what I ate before. And I do not think anyone else, experiencing an existential crisis, has also changed their habits. I have not engaged in any act of resistance, nor have I have taken responsibility, and so I have no right to rest. Acknowledging is not enough either. It does not fill an empty stomach.

Now, I think that the question should have been: What to do When You Eat Bourgie Food Almost Every Day? If I wanted to get into a discussion about responsibility and praxis. Eating bourgie food is not going away any time soon, nor is total abstinence the point here, and so it would be better to ask, what form should resistance take? Because resist this we must.

— — — — — — — — -

Honestly, though, the only thing which I think this course has taught me is that it allowed me to remember what writing poetry feels like. I wrote only one poem for this course, and I feel in love with it.