DELTA switchover — New Gulden for iOS and Android wallets available

Interim Gulden for iOS download:

The new interim Gulden for iOS wallet has been uploaded to cater for the changes to DELTA, this is not the 1.6 update for iOS which is coming soon.

Gulden for Android

A new update has been released for Gulden for Android for the same reason as iOS.

DELTA update:

At block 437500 the new updated version of the DELTA diff algorithm will kick in, we are excited for the changes we have made and expect a positive impact to be made on the blockchain overall. We will monitor the changes over the next few weeks
 and provide feedback on DELTA’s performance. The changeover is expected to occur around 4pm GMT +1.

Gulden for iOS 1.6 update:

The iOS wallet is undergoing far more changes then the Gulden for Android wallet which was already at a good place, besides adding the 1.6 features we are also updating the underlying code base and sorting out the bugs that been picked up over
 the last few months.

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