Gulden for Android performance update:

After the recent surge in Android users we have had various feedback on issues experienced on some android devices. This release resolves the following and improves the overall experience for our Android based users.

1. Leaving the wallet open for a extended period of time would cause a no response error.
 2. Resetting the blockchain would result in a minute delay before the sync process would start. This is now instant.
 3. Ticker perfomance improved.
 4. All of the backend libraries have been updated.

The majority of our users have been very positive about the Gulden for Android wallet however we want to make sure our software works flawlessly for every user on their preferred device.

Development update on 1.6.0:

We are putting all the nuts and bolts together for our first major development update, we still on track for testing to begin at the end of September.

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