Top 3 places to have Biryani in Mysore

In India Biryani needs no introduction. Even though the origin of the dish is uncertain people relate it to Mughlai (Mughal) cuisine. 
Here’s the top 3 places in Mysore to have Biryani!

1. Nasheman Hotel

If marks are to be allotted based on the loyalty of customers to their favorite hotels, Nasheman would stand first any day! Situated very close to the Philomena’s church among many biryani hotels in Lashkar Mohalla it stands out for delivering quality and taste which remains unchanged even today. The hotel looks like any other there until you get to taste their specialty. The cook, Abdul Hamid has an experience of 40 years in cooking and it’s well proved by the taste. If you are looking for a local feel this is the right place to go. They own two shops so finding space won’t be a problem. They also serve a cool drink to go with the biryani called “hana” which is pure ginger extract, not something to be missed!
Type of meat: Mutton only
Timing: Sunday post 9am, Tuesday and Friday Post 1pm.

2. Hotel Hanumanthu

Hotel Hanumanthu is a very known institution when it comes to non-vegetarian food. It kind of gives a homely feeling and has been running since a long time-1930 to be exact!
Situated in Mandi Mohalla the land of business people, it serves Biryani with the name of Mutton Pulav. All the food items here are cooked with firewood which adds a very unique taste to everything. The Chicken pulav is a hit among all the dishes here. 
Type of Meat: Mutton and Chicken
Timing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday- 7am to 10:30am, 12 pm to 4:30pm, 6pm to 10pm.
Thursday-12pm to 4:30pm, 6pm to 10pm.
Saturday- 12pm to 4pm.

3. Hotel RRR

The branded hotel in Mysore for Biryani and non-vegetarian food- Hotel RRR. A lot of Mysoreans would suggest this place for the best Biryani experience, we would too! This Andhra style restaurant serves the best Mutton Biryani in the city. The only trouble being- It’s always jam-packed. They have two branches, be sure to head on to the branch mentioned here as the other one lacks in ambience. Click here for gmaps location). They serve everything in banana leaves. (psst: know why Indians use banana leaves to eat food? Join us on our walking tour ;)) It’s also very well known for its vegetarian thali. It’s a little pricey compared to most restaurants, but the food lives upto it.
Type of Meat: Mutton, Chicken, and Fish.
Timing: All days- 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM

Bonus: For the perfect Ambience and dining experience

4) Mughal Durbar


For an amalgam of perfect taste and Ambience we would recommend Mughal Durbar. The taste here is as good as all in the list but with better dining experience. The mutton biryani here can easily serve two, so go easy with the food! They also have quite a few dessert options too for people with sweet tooth. 
And if you want the experience to end in the perfect Indian way, head out to the paan wallah and get yourself a sweet paan to finish it off!
Timing: All days-12:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Location: Click here

Have any of your favorites to share? Let us know, we would love to explore!