My 30 Day Challenge:

“focus on life, let food become an afterthought

I struggle with weight loss.

I have gained & lost weight in my past, but my obsession with counting calories has lead to frequent failures lately to lose weight. Failing months after months to lose weight has lead me to pursue this 30 day challenge.

I will hold myself accountable for 30 days to lose weight. I have learned a lot from my past failures of losing weight & I will take those failures as an opportunity to fuel these forthcoming 30 days. Here’s my rules to help me.

#1) Stop Obsessing

I will stop obsessing about counting calories, meal timing, & restricting bad foods. All of this becomes too strict & leads to failure.

#2) Eat Smaller Portions

In this day in society, everything is super sized. I’m going to go back to normal serving portions of foods.

This picture demonstrates just how everything is super sized when it shouldn’t be this way. You’ll be surprised just how little amount of food will keep you satisfied.

#3) Exercise

This is my last point because, well this is the least important. To lose weight it’s mostly diet, but to maintain/grow muscle how I want, I will weight lift. Also to help weight loss, i’ll do a little of cardio.


•eat healthier foods I like most of the time, they’re more filling & won’t lead in binges

•eat slowly (30+ seconds)

•for cravings, try Powerade Zero, pop chips, fruit popsicles

•be busy from 1pm-6pm. When your busy at your job or doing something you like, you forget about food.