loved this read! I just sold a small trucking company because of a similar story i read.
Adorable Taco

I went to truck school, and failed it. Parking the truck was very hard for me. I wonder how smart can a machine be. Can a machine find parking lot F at 3am in the morning? Can it figure out detours? Won’t automated trucks require a driver just in case there are problems?

These articles about automation are a bunch of hysteria. People are freaking out over things that haven’t happened. For example, the Drudge Report is always publishing stories about sex robots. Why? Those robots are probably expensive, we don’t even know if they can walk, if they can perform every position in the kamasutra, yet because that topic is interesting, it gets a lot of coverage.

I’m skeptical. Think about all the predictions that have failed to pass. Back in the 1960s, people believed we would be living in space. Instead, we’re losers in space, our Space station is ugly and looks worse than a trailer park, we have no artificial gravity, we haven’t exceeded the speed of light, and yet Musk talks about going to Mars when we don’t even have a permanent space station on the moon.

Or consider Al Gore’s propaganda film- every global warming prediction he made has failed to pass.

Either way, I hope you sold your trucking company for a lot of money. I don’t envy you, I hear trucking is supercompetitive.

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