This is factually inaccurate. A tiny minority of gun owners support them.
Wade Mason

It all comes from individual donations, even anti-gun CNN can’t deny it.

Why I give 10% of my income to the NRA

Furthermore, you have no idea what you’re talking about. There are people paying $500/$1,000 for life memberships. I was with NRA Golden Eagle program, I was paying $50 a month while I could afford it. also makes money. Not to mention that sometimes NRA uses telemarketers, letters, etc, to raise funds. They’re very effective. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m giving the NRA $250 a year. Besides, the NRA has a membership of 5 million, multiply that by $40 (at least) and that’s a $200 million dollar warchest. Of course, if you really want to contribute to the political aspects of the NRA, then you donate to NRA-ILA. That’s Institute for Legislative Action. If you just give to the NRA, then you’re supporting the boy scouts, shooting training programs for cops, etc.

By the way, in 2016, they spent $30 million promoting Donald Trump and $19 million opposing Hillary Clinton.

The only gun company that has given the NRA money is Ruger. Last year they gave $2 million, this year their challenge is $2.5 million. It’s based on gun sales.

That’s nice for Ruger, but it’s peanuts compared to what all members donate. Here are some more numbers I found for you:

Now let’s consider one year, 2010, as a case study. The NRA had $227,811,279 in total revenue that year, including:

  • $100,531,465 (44%) from member dues.
  • $ 58,572,260 (26%) from personal contributions.
  • $ 20,922,249 (9.2%) from the sale of advertising space
  • $ 12,573,541 (5.5%) contributions from “related organizations”
  • $ 11,745,200 (5.2%) came from selling stuff.
  • $ 11,303,074 (5.0%) came from royalties.

See? It’s not the gun industry.

As for most gun owners not belonging to the NRA, that’s true, so what? Ever studied statistics? Politicians do, they know that 1 letter opposing one issue represents the views of 1,000 people. If they get 100 letters (and they get a lot more than that), to them, that’s 1,000,000 people telling them save the whales or protect our guns or whatever.

Your anti-gun side has the commie media, their stupid editorials, retarded celebrities. But we have the people, we flood politicians with tens of thousands of letters, we call the motherfuckers, we raise hell and get results. Why? Because they don’t give two shits about the New York Times and MSNBC, those bastards don’t elect them, we do, and smart politicians know that if you’re in a red state, you better forget about looking good with the commie media and instead focus on getting along with the people.

We are the real deal, anti-gun organizations are the astroturf, Bloomberg’s whores who depends on their billionaire sugar daddies to stay afloat.

Why was American Sniper a huge hit while Ms. Sloan was a huge failure? Could it be that there are millions of gun owners that will see a pro-gun film vs. few gun haters who will watch Ms. Sloan? I’m sure of it. The movie critics loved Ms. Sloan, the liberal media had a fucking boner for Ms. Sloan, but the American people said “fuck you, Hollywood” and the movie bombed.

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