I’ve been a gun owner for 20 years of my 33 year life.
Wade Mason

So revenues that come from advertising don’t come from regular people? I work in advertising, I assure you that unless you’re doing B2B, your revenues come from regular people.

Now I don’t know the exact figures, and like you, I’m old, 41-years-old, and I’ve seen a lot of attacks against the NRA, most of them false.

So I’m sorry if I have a bad attitude, but I get a bit cranky when I hear the same anti-NRA nonsense year after year.

Tell me, why are you a former member? You support gun control? Let me guess, you’re one of those hunters who doesn’t need an AR-15.

Whatever, I don’t hunt, if I did, I would certainly use an AR-15, I know hunters that do, I also know the reason we remain a free country is thanks to the NRA.

Have you seen the gun laws in Australia? They’re horrid. In Australia, self-defense is illegal and their media confuses repeater rifles with assault weapons. Never mind that repeater rifles aren’t even semi-automatics, you have to pull a lever to reload the gun after each firing, it’s fast, but not as fast as my Beretta Nano.

Honestly, I hope you rejoin the NRA, did you know that we’re second only to the AARP in membership? Imagine the power we would have with 10 million members.

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