A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Taxing machines as people is un-American and anti-Capitalism. It’s the equivalent of taxing the microwave or taxing the refrigerator. Furthermore, it will hurt small businesses.

“If a one-time $30,000 truck retrofit can replace a $40,000 per year human trucker,”

Good luck finding a self-driving truck that can find the right address, the right entry into the factory, perform a 90" parking maneuver or a blind side parallel park at 3am in the morning with no lights. I went to truck school, it’s not as easy as people think. In fact, a lot of truckers use paper maps or GPS made for truckers. Your car’s GPS is likely to get the truck stuck under a bridge.

Automation doesn’t need to be feared. When computers replaced the typewriters, nobody cried about typewriter jobs lost. Those people simply went into other industries.

What America needs is deregulation, low corporate tax rate, and control of the EPA so we can have all kinds of manufacturing instead of letting dirty China do everything over there because the tree huggers here are concerned about an endangered rat in some piece of land.

Furthermore, Elon Musk is a crook who has take millions of dollars in government grants. He’s a dirty, crony capitalist who instead of spending his own money on his ideas, spends ours.

The universal basic income would be extremely destructive. It would create a society full of looters and moochers not interested in finding work or creating anything because their basic needs are covered. Ever been to Sweden? Look at how the refugees live- they have beautiful homes, free healthcare, generous welfare, and most of them are unemployed.

Is that what we want for America? Here’s an idea, instead of fearing the jobs automation will kill, why not focus on the jobs automation will create? The invention of the Internet for example created a lot of jobs that didn’t exist before.

Nowadays, there are people making good money on Fiverr, Lyft, Uber, etc. There are advertising agencies that are 100% digital. There are people making fortunes selling t-shirts on Teespring. Now it’s true that not everyone will be a winner, so what? That’s capitalism. We can’t all be winners, we can’t all get a trophy for participation. Some will lose, and that’s OK, they’ll do other things.

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