… Can you read?
Tobe O

Yes, I can read, and I’m sorry for getting your gender wrong.

You wrote: “Dude, your entire post was mansplaining, and insisting that sexism against men is somehow a real thing. That is exactly the problem I am talking about.”

Mansplaining? Really? Why is it that everytime a man explains something, stands ups for his rights, refuses to be cuckhold, he’s accused of mansplaining?

And you’re wrong! Discrimination against men is a real thing. When female teachers molest our boys, they often get house arrest, if they get any punishment at all.

When there’s a divorce, the woman usually wins custody of the kids, not the man.

Furthermore, the feminist movement doesn’t want equality. Equality is saying “I wnat to do what you do,” not “I want you to change the sign “Men Working” to people working and “manhole” to person hole because I hate anything with the word man or men.”

Ironically, women actresses insist on being called actor, so it’s clear to me women (or feminists) don’t know what they want.

But I tell you this, I am sick and tired of the gender wars. Don’t even get my started on transgenders, back in my day, they were known as transexuals and they did their best to look as the gender they’re pretending to be.

Now, you have freaks that call themselves gender-queer, they don’t know if they’re man or woman, and don’t want to choose. Even RuPaul has gotten in trouble for saying tranny. I’m so sick of PC.

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