Chart showing a possible entry based on a standard deviation channel.
Chart showing a possible entry based on a standard deviation channel.
That arrow looks like an interesting point to start executing a trading strategy for a single trade.

Experienced bot traders know that selecting “good” trading pairs can make or break an account. But, selecting trading pairs that fit a specific trading strategy is typically a task that takes quite a bit of manual work. Not great when you got into trading automation to get work off your hands.

Selecting trading pairs that match your trading strategy can make or break the results.

Frequently selecting new tradings pairs works, because pairs must match the intended strategy. …

“Short every pump in a bear market” they said. Gunbot now allows you to fully automate that.

Gunbot is one of the most used tools for trading automation at spot trading exchanges like Binance. From now on, you can also use Gunbot to automate trading at margin trading exchanges.

Bitmex is the first supported exchange for margin trading with Gunbot. Expect broader exchange support soon.

Due to the differences between spot trading and margin, there are quite a few changes to how Gunbot works on Bitmex. In this article you’ll learn about the main differences and how to work with Gunbot on a margin trading exchange.

What’s changed to allow for margin trading?

On a spot trading exchange like Binance, trading happens with buy…

What do you do when rates drop? HODL? Use a tight stop limit? Reversal trading with Gunbot is worth considering.

Reversal Trading is a Gunbot method to accumulate assets while prices drop, without spending more than already invested before the dump.

Do you like using stop loss orders? Reversal Trading is a very elaborate kind of stop loss — one that uses the stop loss proceeds to accumulate more quote units while the market goes down.

Using Reversal Trading (RT) is not exactly easy, it’s probably one of the least understood feature Gunbot offers.

This is going to be a longer read. …

Some trades made by one of the preset trading strategies in Gunbot

Did you just get your copy of Gunbot? Don’t go all in too soon, you’re better off when you put in some time and understand exactly what your are letting this software do with your money. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

I know Gunbot is a pretty cool “internet money machine” and your hands are itching to put it to use. Now take your time to learn how to handle it first.

I knew next to nothing about trading or trading bots when I got into Gunbot. Stupid mistakes were made.

So you got good scripts on TradingView, now what?

TradingView doesn’t really need an introduction: it’s probably the most used platform for doing technical analysis, indicator and trading script development.

TradingView can do so many things, except actually place trades on the exchanges that matter for crypto traders.

This article is about how to use Gunbot with the Tradingview Add-on to execute trading alerts sent from TradingView.

Examples of cool stuff you can do with Gunbot, and learn in this article:

  • Make sure TradingView sell alerts only execute when they are profitable
  • Use alerts for buying and let Gunbot handle selling, using a trailing stop
  • Let Gunbot take care…

Trading with a trading bot does not have to be fully automated. Just let it help you save time, stress and money.

Manual crypto trading is a stressful task. After doing the TA on an asset and figuring out when you would risk an entry, you need to hope to still be online when prices reach your stop limit or target — because most exchanges don’t let you place an order for your desired exit point and set a simultaneous stop loss order. Also, is your entry price really a good one?

Automate stressful decisions

Using a trading bot like Gunbot, it’s easy to be done with a trade after you decide to open it. You program what happens, best case and worst case. Then…

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