The trees are perfectly still. The sun is setting. Even the insects hesitate to move. It’s the calm before the storm.

In about an hour our dusky skies will be filled with fireworks celebrating our nations birth…our freedom. It’s a celebration of a lifestyle of independence. Fireworks are simple, but they are so powerful if you can look past the simplicity of explosions in the sky.

In every sense of the word, we are free. You are free. I am FREE.


We often don’t understand the precious nature of that word. The only thing holding us back from being completely free is our own minds…our own fear…our own doubt. No one should believe in yourself more than YOU, so go! Do. Explore. Build. LOVE. You are free to live the life you want.


Justin Gunnink

Insta: jgunnink2
Snap: jgunnink2