Welcome to A Different Universe

J. Klafter
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Welcome to A Different Universe, the continuity home for many of my novels and short stories.

This project aims to answer a simple question: If people with superpowers appeared across the globe, how would our world react?

The stories of this project take place within three eras. Each is home to a unique generation of characters, the adventures and legacies of whom serve as the threads connecting these time periods.

Though each era will be filled to the brim with diverse stories and characters, I encourage you to dive into whichever most intrigues and resonates with you.

The Era of Darkness

An era of beauty and terror! Miraculous individuals with superhuman abilities known as differents start emerging at a rapid rate. Threatened by their power, governments come together to restructure the world order into the sinister Global Triad of Peace. Fascism reigns supreme as they begin their genocidal pursuits. Hope would be lost if it weren’t for a fierce group of rebels known as Black Swan. Led by Kyoko Patterson, her husband John Patterson, and her brother Seto Takahashi, this group of freedom fighters will spark the flames of rebellion.

If you like stories with vibes similar to the Hunger Games trilogy, Persona 5, & the original Star Wars trilogy, this is the era for you.

Good Place to Start: Shibuya Meltdown (A Short Story)

The Era of Difference

Darkness reigns in the shadow of failed rebellion. The subjugation and genocide of differents continues under the brutal regime of the Global Triad of Peace. The only safe haven for superhumans is an academy on the island of Okinawa, led by Kyoko Patterson’s widowed husband John. Yet even in the deepest of darkness can be found a light. As she settles into adulthood, Kyoko’s daughter Alexandria is beginning to realize her destiny, to raise the flag of resistance once again.

If you like stories with vibes similar to the Harry Potter series, RWBY Volumes 1–3, & Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, this is the era for you.

Good Place to Start: Lex (A Short Story)

The Era of Wonder

This era sees a world healed, free from the sinister grasp of the Global Triad of Peace. As nations reform and democracy reigns, the people are protected by super heroes, differents using their abilities for good. The Council of Heroes, led by former transitional emperor Egon Williams, keeps these heroes supported and in check. However, all is not as peaceful as it seems, for darkness lurks beneath the surface of this golden age.

If you like stories with vibes similar to The Boys, the Spider-Verse film series, & the Harley Quinn animated series, this is the era for you.

Good Place to Start: Mina (A Short Story)



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