GMML Humri Joint Pain Relief Oil

GMML’s joint pain relief oil-Humri

For any sort of joint pain, Humri which is a very effective herbal oil marketed by Gurukul Management Marketing Limited. To get best results, Humri need to be applied to the painful area twice a day by gently massaging a small amount of it into the area, until fully absorbed. Use every day for relief in joint pain as well as to obtain the maximum anti-inflammatory benefit. Once relief is observed in joint pain, you can change the usage pattern as considered appropriate by you.

Don’t use too much oil when you apply it – a small amount is all that is needed. A good ‘rule of thumb’ to gauge how much to use is – if it doesn’t massage all the way in within 20 – 30 seconds you are using too much. So keep that in mind and take some amount of oil to apply and then apply more if the quantity taken was not sufficient.

Humri is so easy to use and with such a pleasant smell, it makes a great everyday product for pain management. Apply each morning and again at night before bed and see the results for yourself. The relief that you would feel in joint pain would surely have you recommend this herbal oil to others too.

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