This is a quick tutorial covering how to create a large Dask cluster for processing a 1 TB DataFrame. There are lots of clever ways to manipulate large data — this is not one of them. …

This blog post provides instructions for configuring:

  • A local GPU development environment with an AWS Deep Learning AMI
  • A distributed GPU Dask cluster with Coiled


  • AWS account with IAM permissions to create an EC2 instance with GPUs (g4dn.xlarge — for this blog)
  • Coiled account with permissions to use GPU…

When I submit Spark jobs, I often screw them up. So monitoring the job both while its running and reviewing it after the fact is helpful to find my mistakes.

When using Spark on Yarn, I never had a problem finding my Spark logs. …


Read This First — Summary

If you’re interested in deploying machine learning models as REST APIs but simply serving up endpoints isn’t good enough any more, you might be ready for model management.

Just as Rocky had Mick, you, my friend, have seldon-core.

If you want an easy way to deploy and then route traffic…

So Easy Even Your Boss Can Do It!

This post demonstrates a *basic* example of how to build a deep learning model with Keras, serve it as REST API with Flask, and deploy it using Docker and Kubernetes.

This is NOT a robust, production example. This is a quick guide for anyone out there who has heard about…

Predator teaches business leaders an important lesson about innovation. One should not let the things have always worked prevent you from changing tactics when you have evidence of a new paradigm.

In Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger leads a team of commandos into the South American jungle under the guise of rescuing…

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an undercover police officer unexpectedly thrust into the role of Kindergarten teacher.

As you can imagine, The Terminator locked in a classroom with 30 five-year-olds leads to stressful moments for Arnold where the inevitable hilarity ensues.

Now, the business reader can quickly draw parallels…

Red Heat, the 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger + Jim Belushi film, contains many non-intuitive, valuable lessons about how small businesses should approach partnerships.

Red Heat brings us Arnold as a Soviet police officer sent to Chicago to track down a Georgian (Tbilisi, not ATL) drug dealer who fled to America. Arnold…

In Raw Deal, Arnold Schwarzeneggar stars as a former law enforcement officer gone undercover on an extra-judicial assignment at the behest of his former partner. His mission: to avenge the death of his partner’s son, killed by the mob.

Now in order to destroy the mob, Arnold decides to…

Part 1: To download a free PDF of this guide, click here

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by all this talk of AI? Do you feel like technology is flying ahead and you are just getting left behind?

Listen. It’s not your fault. I felt the exact same way.

Gus Cavanaugh

I write about using Python for data analysis in Enterprise settings when IT challenges get in the way

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