Visually jaw-dropping. Narratively frustrating.

While watching this film, many times I found myself smiling in delight at how gorgeous and well-realized the visual effects are, as well as how brilliantly orchestrated its action sequences are. And don’t get me started on those eyes.

But then, shortly after yet another stunning battle scene, I would find myself cringing at a line of dialogue or at a missed opportunity the script hadn’t hesitated to Motorball (you’ll get it when you see it) over without the slightest bit of hesitation or remorse.

Constantly, the battle on screen would mirror the one I was…

Thank God for Gyllenhaal.

Dan Gilroy. There’s one interesting filmmaker.

On the one hand, you got Nightcrawler (you should definitely check that one out before this one. Come to think of it, so should I. Haven’t seen it in a while). Gilroy truly came out of nowhere and dazzled both critics and audiences alike (or at the very least me) with his first feature film, starring the powerhouse that is Jake Gyllenhaal.

Why he hasn’t been won an Academy Award yet is as infuriating as realizing Amy Adams got snubbed… again.

Anyway, on the other, you got Velvet Buzzsaw. A passable film. A mostly…

That we saw this one coming, doesn’t mean we should just brush it off.

It’s official now: Telltale Games is truly done for. It was an inevitable outcome, taking into account the financial and creative issues that had been simmering within the company for years. Doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking though.

It seems like only yesterday we were mourning their near-extinction (or at the very least I am. I still play Tales and Wolf Among Us as often as I can), when a game in particular, from a totally different developer, stole the spotlight in a similar fashion. That aforementioned game being Read Dead Redemption 2, and said fashion being… complex.

Controversial seems…

Agustín Salas

Writer. Not well-known, but still.

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