Nectar Trust, the truth behind Qatar Charity’s fund: promoting antisemitism, homophobia and radical Islam

  • It rebranded last year from Qatar Charity UK (QCUK) — which was publicly linked to radical Islamists
  • It’s joined at the hip to the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Their leaders preach hatred, homophobia, religious intolerance and terror

The Emaan Trust, which is funding gigantic new religious centre overlooking in Sheffield, is run by ANTI-SEMITES, TERRORISM SYMPATHISERS and HOMOPHOBES. The trust’s latest recruit is a convicted shopkeeper, who was caught handling mobile phones. And yet, the trust wants to provide “a welcoming environment, promoting understanding and collaboration between different cultures and religions”.

Here is a list of the people and the money behind the Sheffield mosque:

- EMAAN TRUST receives most of its funds from Nectar Trust, which until 2017 was known as Qatar Charity UK. QATAR IS THE MOST HOMOPHOBIC NATION IN THE WORLD, and that “charity” WAS NAMED IN 1993 BY OSAMA BIN LADEN HIMSELF AS A ONE OF THE FUNDERS OF AL-QAIDA’S INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS. In 1995, their money financed an assassination attempt on Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, and it also helps Islamist fighters in Mali. The Wikileaks dump of diplomatic cables from the US shows that QATAR CHARITY WAS DESIGNATED A “PRIORITY III TERRORISM SUPPORTING ENTITY”.

QATAR CHARITY, THROUGH NECTAR TRUST, ALSO FINANCES A BUNCH OF ORGANISATIONS BY THE RADICAL ORGANISATION MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN ITALY, FRANCE AND BELGIUM. The Ligue des Musulmans de Belgique not too long ago invited a convicted terrorism financer to speak at one of its events: Tareq Al-Suwaidan was convicted in the US of channeling $12 million (approx. £9.2 million) to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization.

- QATAR CHARITY UK was headed by a former Qatari official, Yousef al-Kuwari, who also founded a website that instructs Muslim to hate Jews and Christians, saying: “IT IS INCUMBENT TO HATE THEM FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH.” Islamweb also warns that it is “forbidden” to swear an oath to gain British citizenship.

- NECTAR TRUST’S NEW DIRECTOR AND TRUSTEE, SINCE FEBRUARY, IS A RELATIVE OF FORMER GUANTANAMO BAY INMATE SALEH MOHAMMED AL-MARRI. The Qatari national and resident was described by the US as an “Islamic terrorist” who had travelled to Afghanistan to participate in jihad.

- A proxy holder for the Nectar Trust is Belgacem Kahlalech, who has been company secretary for the Muslim Association of Britain, which is closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is the former president of the Algerian League in Britain.

These are the people who want to educate the next generation of young Muslims in Europe.