Having your heart broken by your own self is the worst heartbreak kind. There is only one who can save your soul, meaning you. As the venom, you’re also the antidote. The more weight you put over your shoulders, the deepest the pit you jump yourself in. The darker the room, the easiest to see light through. As if by surprise you’ve fallen, thus you must rise. The worst way out your cage is by the front door, you will have to face everything you have feared and hid from all this time. Keep yourself up, wipe the drops, water your mouth. Be ready to be born, it’s the first time you breathe air and see the light, will you cry? You would be surprised if you didn’t. It is beautiful on the outside, don’t hide inside. Let out all those shivers, just as a storm they will come out, noisy, strong, scary, but after they are gone the beauty of your natural colours will appear and show you what you are. The most secure way out, I must say, is not the best way. In order to survive what you have been through you must face your demons and find your angels, you are the God within your soul. Those dark times, those blood-coloured tears and all those screams are echoing, hunting and haunting you. Remember your past, don’t live in it. There’s future to be lived, there’s present to be seized, there’s your mind to be discovered and there’s a whole world to be explored. Even if then you still can’t trust your judgment, remember how special you are to have been born at an specific family, on that happy day your mother delivered you, as it is one of her favourite days. Our birth is not always at the same time we exit our mothers, it can happen further, it is that moment you realise you are alive, well and breathing. You made some happy, be sure you did, now it’s your turn, make yourself that way, you are capable of the unimaginable, you are unstoppable, magnificent human being, be human, it’s good sometimes.