Why Gamification Doesn’t Work
Alex Lindahl

Hey Alex, this is an interesting list with lots of gamification cases:

I agree with Bernardo, good gamification needs to consider long term engagement, although many designs out there forget about it. There are also cases where all you need is to engage people with something for a short term then short term gamification design can be employed.

But you make two good points: designing for long term engagement is hard and even good designers can do it wrong sometimes; and if the company has other problems they need to be fixed first. Good gamification can help people get engaged with something that’s already good, but even the best gamified solution cannot make people engaged with a bad product or work environment for a long time. This does not mean, however, that gamification will never work: it will work if it’s well design and if it’s used for the right reason (not to try to hide something that needs to be fixed).

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