Gratitude and impatience.

If I had to pinpoint the emotions I’ve felt most deeply and often as an entrepreneur, those would be the two I would choose — impatience to turn vision into reality faster and help more customers, coupled with gratitude for all of the hard work that our 1,000+ person team puts in every day and for the 100,000+ customers who entrust Gusto to run critical parts of their business.

That mix of emotions was exactly what I felt earlier this month when I woke up to find out I’d been named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. Company building is a team effort, and individual accolades are always uncomfortable for me. But I knew this award was an acknowledgment of the work Gusties do every day to help small businesses, and that made me feel proud. …

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Hey look, it’s us! (Natalie: interactive designer, Jenna: letterer, Camellia: illustrator)

Hi 👋 We’re Gusto’s marketing designers. Gusto offers refreshingly intuitive payroll, benefits, and HR software for over 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses. We are the team responsible for all of the brand experiences and designs that you encounter before logging into your account.

We are a small (but mighty) group of illustrators, letterers, and interactive designers who work with Gusto’s world-class Marketing team to build brand experiences that communicate our mission and vision. …

That is one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes because it truly encapsulates how we view product at Gusto. While we don’t do everything, we believe the things that we do are truly excellent. But how do we decide which features to work on?

It all starts with your product vision. Your vision is a clear articulation of how the future looks for your customers 20 years from now. …



Payroll • HR • Benefits • Our mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. What do you do #withGusto?

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