Are you Gusto’s Head of Brand Design?

Hello from Gusto’s brand design team! We are a small team with large ambitions. The brand design team’s mission is to create a brand that people unabashedly love. To communicate Gusto’s story in a compelling, easy to understand, and distinctive way to small businesses before they become customers. In short, we’re here to give Gusto a good first impression.

Our team is a group of highly creative folks — illustrators, letterers, and interactive designers. We are looking for a Head of Brand Design to lead our team and own Gusto’s creative strategy and brand vision.

The challenge and the opportunity

Gusto is on a bold mission to create a world where work empowers a better life. Imagine HR that transforms work into a community, payroll that brings everyone peace of mind, and benefits that help people plan for a better future. Gusto aspires to break all the rules in B2B marketing playbooks and create a brand that people genuinely, unabashedly love — in industries that currently engender feelings of boredom, fear, or frustration. In this role, you will craft an experience that millions of employers and employees worldwide look forward to interacting with every day.

You’d be a good fit if…

  1. You think about the big picture: We’re building a brand for the long-term. We’re looking for someone with an opinionated perspective on design who can lead efforts to create a brand that is differentiated, scalable, and distinctly Gusto.
  2. You can get down and dirty with data: We’re looking for an individual who feels comfortable leveraging data and insights to inform the team’s design decisions.
  3. You are a mentor to the team, and a leader in the company: This person is a seasoned manager who is excited to mentor and build a team of designers and copywriters. They will also champion the brand by leading creative strategy and initiating new design projects.
  4. You aren’t afraid to take risks and have a bold vision: We don’t do HR the way other companies do, so we shouldn’t look and feel like other companies. We want to create a brand that people are excited by and root for, with a point of view that is uniquely our own.

Let’s chat!

If this is intriguing, we want to meet you! See our full job description to see the responsibilities and requirements and apply for the position.

Still want to learn more?

We’d never said no to a cuppa coffee ☕️! Email to learn more about the company and the brand design team.