“GutToughStuff” 2 Feb 2017

Being Uncomfortable and Remaining Confident

In order to truly conquer anything in life you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Think about the first time you decided to play an online game and talk on a headset. It must have been an intimidating experience, in not knowing who you would encounter on the other end. What went through your mind? Are they going to be mean if I mess up? Are people going to say I have a funny voice and laugh? Whatever the case may have been, you still gathered enough courage to pick up the headset, join a lobby, and connect with people all across the world. That right there is a huge step in being comfortable in your uncomfortableness. As time went on, I’m sure things got less and less uncomfortable to talk on the headset. You made friends, joined groups, or even started your own league. After a while, the thought of playing a game, without being able to communicate on the headset, became hysterical. Of course you need a headset to play online… How else am I going to communicate with others to complete the objective?

In this sense, you overcame so many social anxieties without even recognizing it. You made a choice to step outside your comfort zone and pick up the headset. You put yourself out into the world of online gaming and was brave enough to accept criticism. You surrounded yourself with like-minded individuals whom share the same passion and goals you. Then you led, by confidently communicating a strategy to get the objective done.

Most people live their lifes by some type of routine and become comforatable with being complacent. People get too wrapped up in trying to meet the expectations of what society defines as “the right or normal way”. Maintaining this way of thinking, often prevents an individual to from doing or trying new things because they are intimidated by the thought of how they think most people in society will react. One will never evolve as an individual if you go through life this way. What is exactly “evolving as an individual”? That’s for you to determine. YOU! Not what anyone else may suggest or think you should be. Only you know what your heart desires. Whatever that may be, be confident in achieving that.

Fitting in is easy, but being your own individual is not. Once a person decides to take action in evolving as an individual, you will be met by the ugly side of society. Ugly side of society meaning, judgment, criticism, gossip, and envy. Be confident and focused enough to not let these negative actions from others distract you. Know and recognize in your heart that the same people who negatively criticize you, also fear you. The judgment is purely a facade to try and convince you that you are wrong for not going with the normal flow of how things “should go”. Also, recognize that it’s not just outside individuals who negatively judge you. Most of the time it’s the people closest to you that have the most to say. It may seem shocking that your own so called loved ones would do something to hinder your personal growth, but they are the ones who know whatever criticism or suggestions they have, you are more than likely to listen to them. Bottom line, no matter who it is, if their suggestions or advice is not in your best interest, then separate yourself from that person. Keeping someone around that constantly presence a negative vibe only hinders your path to individuality. Always surround yourself with like-minded people that empower you to strive to do better without judgment of past mistakes. Mistakes are not a bad thing. They are simply learning experiences that will overall make you a better person and a more confident person because you didn’t give up.

So the next time you are at a transitional point in your life to make a decision, what are you going to do? Are you going to join societies norm heard of monotony and routine, or are you going to pick up that headset and be exposed to a whole new world, with confidence!

Originally published at guttough.com.

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