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Dirk Singer

I agree with the advice to stop arguing about symbols and focus on what the EU actually delivers. But I think the attempt to separate this off from institutions is less convincing.

The single market in particular requires regulation. This is all the more important as it evolves and deepens in the area of services. In this context, some have been seduced by the so-called liberal leavers' (footnote: they are anything but liberal) claim that in fact such regulation is not determined through the EU, but through higher level, global bodies. This is a gross distortion of reality. In fact the EU member states and Commission work together in these organisations to project EU standards globally.

A more fruitful avenue would be to explore how UK could detach itself from other areas which impinge on English perceptions of sovereignty such as CFSP and justice. This could also result in circumscribing the role of the ECJ to pure single market matters (nb social policy and worker rights would still be in). Personally I think this would be a retrograde step, but it would placate leavers.

Similar arguments are set out in the Breugel proposals. I think this is a more fruitful avenue for compromise, but it also requires movement on the EU side.

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