Daughter’s talent

Hey parent,

After the apparent public display of frustration you showed yesterday at pick up I wanted to reach out.

I’m one of the dad’s in the class. I’m not too sure we have met. I feel that we probably know that we are both parents but we’ve never really exchanged eye contact or said hello. I can get pretty busy when I drop off making sure my kid is meeting the new ‘social skills’ targets that the teacher outlined in that note she left in the cubby the other day? (Is it recent, or have I just missed it? I thought it was a poem or some homework at first. You?)

Anyways. So about your kid’s artistic talent. I know you were super excited about that picture of a castle and the princess. And you loved how well formed the hands were and the hair and the body proportions. And I know you signed up your little star to extra art class because you thought she had talent, but could work on her shading.

The thing is… the piece of art that took you on this journey to evolve your daughters talent was drawn by me. I know. I should have said something. But you were so pleased when you saw it I thought that I would just let it lie. I mean, I was just sat in class doodling next to my daughter when your kid wanted to see what I had done. She put her name on top of it and then colored it in.

I didn’t think that this was going to lead to you and your partner pulling your hair out, outside the child psychologist‘s office. Your daughter isn’t lazy or deliberately hiding her talent from you to spite you for all the late nights you have to ‘work’. She’s probably just better at music or one of the after school classes she hasn’t tried yet.

That said, I think you should merit her for the re appropriation of my work. Seems to me that the business world is all about using other people’s work. I’m sure that she will have a great career in media when she grows up.

Sorry again. I was a bit embarrassed that you thought work by my hand could be mistaken for a 6 year olds. Urg. BTW. Can I suggest you check the handwriting of the spring-break poem on your fridge too? Sorry about that also.