Gentry Rain Rules

Fellow side-walker,

I know: it must have poured down earlier while we were sat in some windowless cubes wondering what time our meetings would end. Look at those pools of water sunk within the potholes across the street.

And here you are walking along the street as the humidity rises looking like you’re well prepared.

But mate. Really? Wellington Boots with a suit in the city. And the rain boots that have that little square and logo on the front?

I dunno. I know women were their ‘wellies’ of all color at any hint of wet weather but I feel it’s a fashion option reserved for them.

I always felt that wearing a suit with boots in the rain is for landed gentry stood with a half cocked shotgun beside a Land Rover draped with dead pheasants on a string. For the rest of us male mortals, aren’t we supposed to make do, ignore the damp, splash thru? At least until the onset of winter when we can wear those duck shoes again.

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