8 Ways Your Business Can Absolutely Smash Instagram Marketing

In the current state of social media marketing, one of the biggest and most powerful platforms is Instagram. However, If you’re unsure how to use Instagram to boost your sales or increase your following; the effect it has on your business is minimal. If you are one of these people, don’t stress because I’ve formulated a list of 8 things you can do to increase your following and boost your sales (heroic, I know). Here they are:

  1. Identify your target market — This may be pretty obvious to most of you but it’s absolutely vital that you know who your customer and main target market is. You can’t post content and try and market it towards every single person on Instagram; you need some sort of consistency so that you attract the followers that are actually going to care about your product.
  2. Don’t be too salesy — One of the biggest mistakes that noobs of instagram marketing make is to pitch their product in every single post that they make. That isn’t the aim on Instagram, instead you need to try and connect with your audience and build a relationship through the platform. This means posting engaging content on a regular basis which isn’t only focused on your product. Once you have a loyal following, it’s okay to post about your own product occasionally. Just don’t overdo it.
  3. Engage — Think of Instagram as another way to network like you do in real life. Take your time to respond to the comments left on your photos, comment on other pages and as mentioned above, build a relationship with as many people as possible. This is not only how you get noticed, it’s how you get noticed as a business with a good reputation and a friendly attitude. That’s the business you want to be.
  4. Hashtag ### — Instagram is home to the hashtag, so get comfortable and get hashtagging yourself. Make sure that the hashtags you make are relevant to your product and that they have a large amount of people looking at them (Don’t over-complicate them and make them too long). Hashtags are how your content gets spread to a larger audience; people searching that hashtag will see your post and people interested in similar content to your hashtag may stumble across your post in their explore tab. Note: make sure your account is on public or there is no point in hashtagging.
  5. Plan your content — Make sure to never be short of an idea when it comes to posting on Instagram, think about what you have planned in your daily activities and if you’re able to make a post on Instagram about it. Sometimes, having a library of pictures that you can use on your boring days is a really good idea. Also, download a content calendar so you can plan when you are going to post and what you’re going to post. This keeps you pretty honest.
  6. Influencer Marketing — This method is becoming one of the most influential (pardon the pun) social media marketing methods of today. Find someone with a large following that fits your target market, send them your product (for free) in return for them to post your product on their instagram and give you a shout out. Their followers will see it and will be more inclined to have a look at your page. I have a separate blog on influencer marketing on my website and I highly recommend giving it a read; this is a must for marketing your business.
  7. Spice it up a little — Have a good mix of both videos and photos, people want to see both of them and they’ll be more engaged if you post both of them. Also, take advantage of Instagram stories where you can post behind the scenes footage or regular updates throughout the day (things that don’t quite make the cut for an instagram post). Leverage all of these different methods and you’ll have a good, interesting mix of content that no one gets bored of.
  8. Have a strong caption — Put a slogan or a nice little message in your caption to captivate the attention of your followers, for example a dental hygiene company called HiSmile has in their caption “Love your smile as much as we do”, get creative. Remember to put a link to your website where your product is being sold and leave your information for any other social media channels in your caption as well. Having a strong caption is like having a strong introduction in an essay; it’s the first impression and sets up a good foundation for the rest of the page.

I hope these 8 steps have assisted you in mastering the fine art of Instagram. Remember, thousands of instagram followers don’t come overnight so don’t get unmotivated if you don’t see instant differences in your numbers; just keep following these tips consistently and you’ll be killing it before you know it.

Originally published at thebusinessguy.org on August 15, 2017.

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