Some people are like yeah but “people and sites are getting rich off of free content” and I don’t think that’s true.
You’re Not Getting Paid to Write Because There’s No Demand
Kel Campbell

Well, I think it is somewhat true. At least, it’s obvious that a large number of news and entertainment websites generate revenues every day thanks to the treacherous “user generated contents”. Which is but a sneaky concept invented some years ago to slowly kill off paid contributors on the web, in the long run.
There is a lot of supply out there, but not all online contributors today are good writers. Rather few of them are.
The point is, do publishers even care for quality writing (and contents) as long as there’s people out there willing to write in exchange for visibility only?

If no one wrote for free for third parties, a lot more of us would get paid for writing. Not all of us, but significantly more.
It’s becoming harder and harder to get paid for writing because too may people wrongly think visibility is a traded currency.
In a perfect world, we should all be able to pay bills with “visibility”.
Or to buy Porsches.