Drafting Grief

One piece blew your mind
To pieces you left me
Why was peace so hard to find?
Now there’s no peace left in me.
You took more than just one life
You took the one I was looking forward to.
Looking forward is different now.
It’s hardly forward, like an infinite limitation.
No, now I look downwards and upwards
Down at this curse I’m too stubborn not to traverse
and up at my eventual relief 
where nothing will matter 
namely this fucking grief.

It was all starting to finally make sense
this ruse of hedonism and purpose.
Trying a case or drafting legislation seemed 
not only tangible but worth it.
But in the wake of your eternal absence
they all just feel bogus.
Not unlike the connections others think I forge.

I look at the world through the diamond of a chain-link fence
My fingers tangled through the cold detached steel
Wondering how it must feel 
if they were instead intertwined
at five points of human flesh.